Privacy Policy

I no longer have an active newsletter, so most of the following isn't relevant anymore; I've already deleted your data from MailerLite and my Google account.

Consent doesn't just matter in the bedroom, it matters everywhere. When you sign up for my newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time—just click the link in the bottom of my newsletters. If, for any reason, that doesn't work, you can always email me directly (

The GDPR is a European law that aims to protect your privacy, and I do everything in my power to make sure I treat yours right. Let's go over what we're dealing with when you subscribe to my newsletter. Note that my website is subject to Google's privacy policy, which they should notify you of when you come here.

What I see

When you sign up to receive my newsletter, your data is processed by MailerLite, a third-party service that allows me to maintain a subscriber list, send (automated) emails, and view some data on how you interact with these emails—such as whether or not you're even reading them and clicking any SubscribePage links. The latter also uses Google Analytics, so I can pinpoint what my readers do(n't) click. Read MailerLite's privacy policy here.

Within the MailerLite portal, I can see your email address, IP address, and your country when you sign up. It also allows for customized tags, such as names or favorite color. If I use any tags, it will be after explicitly asking you—and only for as long as you're okay with it. That means I won't assume you like the color red because your name is MarsIsThePrettiestPlanet or fill in your name as Jill because your email address is

The free stories you receive when signing up, were hosted by These are now available here without any additional requirements.

What I do with what I see

I use your email address to send you newsletters through MailerLite, and perhaps direct contact from my email accounts ( and I might customize links to suit your location (such as Amazon links), but I'll probably be lazy and just refer you to the default store...sorry!
Any tags I attribute to your profile will be to personalize my emails to you—after you explicitly give me permission to. Remember, consent is sexy. I don't share these details with anyone else without your direct approval.

When you want to leave me for good

Even when you unsubscribe, your information remains stored in MailerLite's system in case you come back for more. To be deleted from my life and system entirely, MailerLite requires users to be manually deleted. I'll do this for you upon request, whether you're from a country subject to the GDPR or not. Once that's done, I'll update you by email and remove you from my email account as well—including anything we've mailed back and forth. That might be an emotional moment, but I'll do it if you want me to!