Hi, I'm Claire Kirkland.

Growing up, I struggled with my feelings toward powerful women. The bullies in college, a rival coworker, or my demanding boss. I envied them. Hated them. It took years before I realized I wanted to worship them. The rude awakening filled my head with crazy desires. Some are a little risky, others downright unprofessional. But when a stern domme narrows her eyes and glares at me, my legs go weak. I can't help it! Now, I write about (not so) innocent lesbians finding pleasure in submitting to strong women…even if some of them need a little guidance. These steamy shorts and novellas are available on Amazon as ebook and paperback editions.

Why not grab two free stories while you're here? One of them was a little too kinky for Amazon, but I wrote a cleaner version in case you find it a little too spicy as well.

Maid to Serve

An Erotic Lesbian Novella

Nina Mayfield is a college dropout struggling to get by, and she will do anything for a job or a place to live. She’s not used to hard work—or any work—but with no prospects of a career, she has few options left.

Born a billionaire, Cassandra Cardona always gets what she wants. Exclusive cars, expensive fashion, and the wealth of her mother’s empire—she has everything…except love. Filthy rich and unable to trust anyone, she doesn’t allow herself to be vulnerable.

Cassandra employs Nina as her loyal servant to satisfy her cravings. But Nina desires more, and she sets out to win the heart of Cassandra Cardona, who tries so hard to lock her feelings behind a bratty facade.

Lesbian Domination Bundle

Four short stories of lesbian lust, jealousy, and domination.

This collection of steamy short stories delves into the lives of four shy lesbians and their submission to the strong, beautiful women they belong to.

Whether it's in the office, gym, college, or backstage at her own concert, each of these ladies finds their place—beneath the dommes they dream of!

This bundle contains four of my previously released stories:

My Short Stories